Social Masking, High-Tech Styling… NuAirs New Air Purification Mask

Social Masking, High-Tech Styling… NuAirs New Air Purification Mask

By Todd McNutt

The so-called new normal is easier for some than others.  What might seem like a small deal like wearing a mask in public can take on a whole new meaning when you have breathing issues.  As someone who has breathing issues, I can say it makes a huge difference.  When the average person puts on a mask, they usually only have an issue with getting used to the feeling of the mask on their face.  For someone with a compromised ability to breath, just the effort of drawing enough oxygen through a layered cloth mask can be a brutal effort.

I have been wearing a NuAirs mask for the past two weeks.  From the moment I put the mask on, I noticed that there was no strained effort to breath.  It was as comfortable to breath with the mask on as it had been with the mask off.  

Putting the mask on is easy and comfortable with the soft, rubber bands that reach around the back of your head so there is no discomfort behind the ears from extended wear.

The mask starts protecting with a solid shell that catches any type of moisture or particles coming at you from any potentially contaminated source.  Next it has a large pre-filter for dust, fur and large pollutants, a HEPA filter for the fine particles coming into the mask, an activated-carbon filter for removing odors and smoke and a waterproof, non-woven filter.  

The key feature is that the person wearing the mask does not have to pull the air in through the mask, there is a fan inside the mask that is pulling the air in from all around the mask and pushing it through the filter.  The built-in battery is charged using a USB port on the side of the mask and it has a light that shows when it is charging and when it is fully charged.  There is an on/off button on the other side that controls the fan on low, high or off.   After the filter, the air is pushed through an air-purifier before it enters the inside area of the mask that is sealed to your face with a soft, comfortable rubber seal all the way around the mask.  

Finally, the mask comes in your choice of black or white.  In short, the mask makes breathing safe, filtered air as easy and comfortable for the person wearing it as when they are not wearing it.  So, whether you have an issue with breathing normally or not, the NuAirs mask will offer you protection above and beyond a simple cloth mask and a stylish, comfortable wear as well.

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